My aim with Simuns is to build up a profitable coin dealing business. This will help me fund the development of technology to help other coin dealers as well as excite and inspire coin collectors ❗

Right now I'm focused intently on making a smooth system for sorting, photographing, selling and shipping coins... lots of coins... my short-term goal is 500 eBay listings per day.

Most recently I have built a coin photography machine to improve quality and increase the speed of coin photography. See the video below 👇

Coin photography machine

Coin dealing software

Right now, I'm working on a software tool (see the video above) that automates eBay listing creation and postage label printing. Once that's complete, I'll be moving on to even more exciting aspects of the business!

I have also been tinkering with some 3D animations of coins, click here to see a demo.

Stay tuned 🎶